the life of a (not so big) hollywood star

momma, luke, one of his friends, and i made the long(ish) journey out to LA today to watch the taping of a disney channel show. because we’re celebrities? i like to think so. (but actually because my mom just does cool mom things like this all the time. go denise go!)


we got to the studio a bit early so we wandered nearby neighborhoods as entertainment. how could walking down a street of houses be entertaining you ask? see above picture. this is somebody’s actual house. and i love them. the picture really doesn’t do it justice.


^^^ me, being genuinely excited to stand in front of this gem of establishment. and also secretly hoping the owners come outside? and present me with a giant bronze dinosaur as a gift? i’m feeling that my apartment in provo would be greatly improved with this lawn decor. you feeling me?


this ^^^ is not actually the set that we were on. sadly i was sworn to secrecy and cannot share any pictures or very much information about the show at all. why did i make an entire blog post about this then? mostly to have an excuse to post about the dinosaur house. but what i can tell you about the show was that there were a few pre-teen celebrities, and a lot of pre-teen audience members. i was with my peeps.


it was actually really interesting to see how all the “behind-the-scenes” stuff works on TV. it’s all smoke and mirrors people. smoke and mirrors. fake laughing, fake talking, fake listening. we did it all. i feel like a real hollywood actress now. next time you see me i may be wearing a fur coat and giant sunglasses. part of my new diva celebrity image. so anyways, if you watch disney channel religiously in january you might just see megan baker fake laughing in the background of your television. lucky you.