Senior Prom has come and gone. It was crazy fun, and my legs are crazy sore. It wasn’t one of those magical experiences where I find true love or whatever happens in Disney Channel Movies, but I did get pretty sentimental when it was ending (surprise, surprise). I am really gonna miss my high school buddies, and we’re so close to graduation. 11 DAYS OF SCHOOL PEOPLE! When did that happen??? I feel like just yesterday I was a freshman and now I’m done with senior prom and about to graduate. I don’t know if I’m okay with this happening just yet. Maybe i’ll just fail out of all my classes and stay in high school for another year… or not. Ya, definitely not.


“Knott” Too Shabby

Since I had such a long and senior-y weekend, I’m just gonna split it up into a few posts. Kay? Kay. Thursday was the Senior Knott’s Berry Farm Trip. Rollercoasters! Yay? I have a love-hate relationship with those metal deathtraps that can sometimes be fun. This time around I went on ALL the big girl rides. This includes ghostrider, silver bullet, and yes…accelerator. It’s a big deal. Despite the constant fear in my soul, I had a rip-roaring good time with my senior buddies. I love ALL of them to bits, and I’m gonna miss them terribly when I head off to BYU. That means you Kelsey. <3 <3 <3 But basically Knott’s just got me real excited for all the other senior activities that are a’comin. Life is grand right now.


In typical senior fashion, I didn’t attend school on Wednesday… or Thursday… or Friday. Instead I enjoyed a particularly lovely 5-day weekend starting with a trip to the happiest place on earth on Wednesday. This lovely lady, a.k.a Kelly whom I love, and I sported typical tourist wear and had a day full of VIP treatment, the best corn dogs in the world, rides, girl talk, lots of Grizzly Rapids, and general tomfoolery.