let it snow, let it snow










it feels like just a few days ago that the sun was shining down on p-town…oh wait it was a few days ago. winter has officially arrived, and i feel like i’m on a different planet. this cold, white stuff keeps falling from the sky. supposedly it’s called snow? and i’m gonna hate it in a few months? i know that the utah natives who tell me that snow is the worst know better than me (the girl who has been in the snow one time that i remember), but i honestly can’t imagine something so dang pretty. plus, snow means scarves, hats, tights, boots, and sweaters. and those things equal a very happy megan.

the only thing that i can see making me hate the snow is the sad, sad state of my toes. i braved the football game last night (for a whole half a quarter! can i get some applause?), and by the time we left i was convinced my toes needed to be amputated. my two layers of fuzzy socks failed me. maybe i’m masochistic because despite the fact that i froze my california butt off i had a blast at the game. it was fun to be all bundled up with cute little snowflakes falling on us. you can quote me on that a few months from now when i’m pining after the sunshine back home.

and on a completely unrelated note, byu men’s chorus… you kicked butt last night! i highly recommend going to one of their concerts if you can. so good!


3100 stover

yesterday, i was walking up the many flights of stairs to the third floor with my laundry (i did my laundry?) and sore legs from the gym (i went to the gym?) i thought to myself, why oh why don’t i live on the first floor? the more i thought about it though, the more i realized how darn lucky i am. do you see those babes in that picture up there? those wonderful girls are my neighbors! i see those smiling faces every single day! (including mads, who is busy having a blast in Vegas. gosh i miss her!) my day to day life is is 100% more fun with these ladies. i couldn’t live without our massive amounts of hot cocoa, seventeen.com quizzes, late night chats, dinner dates, netflix watching, lack of pants, and so much more.


i can’t possible have a hall appreciation post without giving roommate kate a shout-out. guys, 3121 is a blast just because of this girl. she is hilarious, sometimes on accident. she has a deep understanding of my hatred of wearing pants in our room, and she joins in the fun. we have both accepted that our beds will forever have crumbs in them from our snacking. she is also unfairly gorgeous, talented, and gives great advice. i scored big time having her as a roommate. and i can’t forget to mention my temporary roommate for the weekend, elise!!! it was so fun having her visit from berkeley! we cuddled in my minuscule bed every night and caught up with everything that’s happened with us since high school. she is my soul mate when it comes to books and herbal tea, and i’ve missed her terribly. i wish she could just be my second roommate for the rest of the year, but berkeley stole her back from me yesterday. sadness. thanks to her and all my ladies for being such awesome friends. i love you all!

just call me david tutera


Last night Stover Hall basement saw the surprise party to beat all surprise parties. Well, maybe not. It was really fun though, and it was a surprise. So mission accomplished right? Here’s the thing about planning parties…It’s hard! I have never felt such a mixture of stress, excitement, and franticness (it’s a word?). Props to my momma for all the parties she has ever planned. Despite the anxiety that accompanied it, I almost enjoyed putting that little fiesta together. I think it came from all those years of watching David Tutera party planning shows with my mom. I felt professional as I told people to “Tape that large plastic sign over that ugly brick wall” or to “Help me frost the cake with a spoon since we don’t have a knife.” Except in my head, it was a lot classier and I had a clipboard and an earpiece.


My question is: Does every party planning experience have as many problems as I encountered or was that just extra special for me? Let’s do a quick run-through. The first obstacle was Kate. She was in our room (how dare she think sitting in her own bedroom is okay, right?). Because she was there though, I kept having to make up excuses for why I was carrying normal things like iPod speakers and a plate out of the room. The second obstacle was Kate’s popularity. I found out, mere hours before the party that she was supposed to be hanging out with a friend that night. At the same time as the party. Gasp! With all the sneakiness I could muster, I stole Kate’s phone and quickly jotted down said friend’s phone number. After one strikeout (“I think you got the wrong number sweetheart.”) I managed to persuade the friend to postpone their evenings plans and join us at the fiesta. The final obstacle was… the cake. Let’s just say my last name is not a reflection on my actual skills in the kitchen. We had no cake pans, no mixing bowl, no whisk, and no measuring cups. We ended up with 1 cake pan, an old pot, a cereal spoon, and my best guesses on how much of what should go in. Surprisingly, the cake turned out delicious. It’s like a metaphor for the fiesta as a whole. It was hard getting it all together but it turned out…delicious?┬áNever mind┬áthat.


Honestly though, if you ever need a pick-me-up, throw a surprise party! It was so fun seeing Kate’s reaction and hanging with friends. Plus we all got lots of cake and candy. Yum.


you’ve had a birthday…


Yesterday and today two of my favorite people in the world had their birthdays!

Miss Emily Baker turned sixteen, and yes boys she is single. I can’t believe my little sis is all grown up! She can date, she can drive, and it’s too much for me to handle. She has been my best friend for the past sixteen years, and will be for the rest of forever. She is such an example to me with how thoughtful she always is. This girl is so dang talented it’s not fair. This blog would be a bajillion times better if I had her take pictures for me. She loves babies like I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and will be the best mom ever (but not for a long long time. I can’t handle too much growing up). Pie, I love you and miss you!

Roommate Kate is now an adult which means she can do all sorts of exciting things now. Like…um…buying a snuggie from TV or going on Disney channel’s website without asking for parent permission! Exciting! Kate and I pretty much had an arranged friendship since birth. I think our parents have been plotting for us to be roommates since before we were born. I’m definitely not complaining though, because I got the better end of the deal. Kate’s a gem! I could not have asked for a better roommate. She has literally the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure when Kate thinks something is funny, the entire hall knows. She’s an angel and does nothing wrong ever. Sometimes I polish her halo when I’m wishing that I was as perfect as she is. On top of everything else, she’s hot too. Kate, thanks for putting up with me. I love you!

P.S. Yes, the title of this post is a reference to a primary song. I’m blaming it on currently living in Utah. Don’t judge.