taking the city by storm (or foot)

Imagei’m back in the centre after an exhausting, but absolutely amazing day in the city. we walked all over the place so my feet are already killing me. that doesn’t exactly bode well for the coming weeks, but it’s so worth it. we started our walk at the tower of london (just the outside, i’m hitting up the inside later).

Imagefrom there we crossed tower bridge to get to the south bank of the thames. once we had crossed the bridge my walking buddy (becca) and i got real distracted real fast. we found this old shipyard turned marked called Hay’s Galleria (on the right) that was filled with adorable shops. book shop included. megan heaven right there.

Imagesaint paul’s cathedral ^^^ was absolutely gorgeous. it also happens to be where princess diana and prince charles were married. (after four hours of watching royal family documentaries back home i’m full of fun facts like that). we didn’t want to pay to actually go inside so we just went inside the cafe/shop. pretty much the same thing right?

Imageme on the millenium bridge ^^^ of harry potter and the half blood prince fame. needless to say i imagined death eaters swarming around the whole time i was on it. also, there was this guy selling hot candied nuts that are literally a dream. so good.

Imagewhile we were walking along the south bank there were loads of street performers and whatnot. these guys let us play with their bubbles, and i felt like such a mom taking pictures and video of becca. isn’t she the cutest though?

Imagei think my favorite park of walking down south bank was that we kept discovering new places and things to do. we spent a good 15 minutes in and around this alleyway. it was just opposite artsy shops filled with mugs and knick knacks that really tempted my self control.

Imagein the same alleyway. we¬†think it probably lights up at night which would be stunning. i’ll report back if i ever see it at night.

Imageon a secret-ish little pier on the thames. this picture was taken seconds after a hug amount of water soaked all of the stones around us. miraculously we stayed completely dry. still a mystery how that happened.


Imagemore shots at the “beach.” there were some people on the wall above us trying to read what we wrote in the sand, but they were really struggling. so either my handwriting is more illegible than i thought or they were foreign. also is “it’s alright” the replacement for “your welcome” here? apparently, because the girl who took our picture kept saying it. fun to hear a different phrase, but awkward because it made me feel an overpowering need to apologize?


Imagelast but not least we made it to big ben and westminster abbey (just the outside). i don’t think this sight will ever cease to bring a smile to my face. this bit especially reminded me of my trip last year with the momma. so between remembering all the old experiences and having so many new ones, i couldn’t be happier. the buildings and parks here are all so beautiful and awe-inspiring, and the people are truly so kind. every person i’ve talked to has not only been polite, but friendly and happy. i’ll say it again and again but i’m in love with this place.

p.s. this post is not about today, but yesterday. there were some issues with uploading (sketchy wifi at the center) so it’s coming a little late.