old town

i spent most of the day on saturday with luke in old town san diego. we had a blast exploring together. warning: picture heavy post coming up.






^^^ right when we got there we checked out a free museum (aka my favorite kind) inside an old house. it was pretty empty except for us and some creeptastic mannequins so we had the place to ourselves.


^^^ the famous wells fargo wagon and a working telegraph. i’m just going to stick with texting. telegraph ain’t my thang.



^^^ what a goof. love him.


^^^ genuine joy on this boys face when he got to pan for an assortment of rocks and minerals and such.




^^^ “lunch” megan style. ice cream.




^^^ the mormon battalion centre which was recently updated and is now all fun and trendy. it was so fun to hear about these men who not only had an amazing spiritual experience, but who also brought brick making to san diego and who built the wagon trail that later became a major railroad. history! cool right?


overall a very fun day with the little bro. he’s kind of a fun kid.


welcome to the west egg

“…And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”



friday night i attended a great gatsby themed party, 1920’s attire required. it was the cat’s pajamas! everybody looked great. the girls were gorgeous and the boys… let’s just say they should wear 20’s style outfits every day. really. this party was the real deal though. everyone had dates, there was dancing, mocktails, food, everything. if they had the same party again in a week, i’d be there. (with more comfortable shoes and an empty stomach)



honestly though, half the fun of the night was getting ready. i don’t consider myself a girly-girl necessarily, but i love getting all dressed up. plus a twenties theme? yes please. and i hit the jackpot, i didn’t just get myself ready. there’s no challenge in that. no, i did five (FIVE) girls hair and makeup. it was a blast. even when we were running low on time or bobby pins I was having a grand time playing the frazzled hair/makeup artist. and i discovered a hidden talent for doing hair. so if you have any red carpet events or galas to attend, call me up. maybe I’ll give you a discount for reading my blog? i know that you’re very jealous of my party experience right about now, but do not fear! if you want to feel like you were there just watch this (a.k.a the best trailer ever made). YOU AND ME, ME AND YOU!

date night


on tuesday night approximately 30 college students packed themselves into cars like sardines and set off for the group date of the century. the idea was so simple. unlimited laser tag, arcade games, and ice cream. that’s cliched you say? well you’re right. that oh-so typical date plan lives on for a reason though. it’s oodles of fun! the only downfall of the night was that my dreams of pursuing professional laser tag were crushed. the first round was rough. i cowered behind a wall, genuine fear coursing through my veins. apparently i had forgotten the whole fake guns concept. after the game i eagerly scanned the scoreboard. my heart dropped. last place. how did that happen? my natural athletic ability (ha!) should have put me in first. with newfound determination, i re-entered the arena and confidently strapped on my vest. when the chaos began my adrenaline started pumping. i dashed through the room, ducking behind walls, peeking through windows, and destroying the enemy. this time when the round ended, i knew that i had claimed my rightful place at the top. I was wrong. at the end of the night after many rounds, and many times in last place, i reluctantly gave up my laser tag aspirations. i’m sorry that you guys won’t be able to see me in any future laser tag tournaments.