christmas break (part two)



so maybe this christmas break post is a teensy bit belated. but i promised you part two and part two you will receive! it was so fun to spend time with the fam bam. i love them to pieces and they are pretty dang fun people. guess we know where i got my killer sense of humor and bubbly personality. right? come on you can’t deny that wrapping your mom’s christmas gift in an abercrombie bag (complete with a shirtless and apparently fierce man) is hilarious. you can’t. i’ll have you know my (virtual) cats think i’m very fun, and mr. darcy and elizabeth are great judges of character. take that judgmental/is she serious face off right now. the dorms are not conducive to having pets so iPhone kitties it is. they are cute, playful, and don’t make a mess. should you decide to come over to the dark side the app is called “touch cats.” an unfortunate name really. anyways, back to reality. i felt an absurd amount of joy when I went to starbucks over break and got “my drink.” i’ve always wanted to say that, it sounds oh so sophisticate. but how i’ve missed my vanilla rooibos tea latte with cinnamon dulce sweetener. p-town is sadly lacking in that department. i’ve really missed california when it comes to food and such. we went to a fantastic (and slightly sketchy) restaurant called ho-dad’s that I highly recommend. you just have to ignore the smell of pot as you enjoy your delicious burger and marvel at the license plates covering every inch of the walls. a small price to pay really. before ho-dad’s we had a rip roarin good time at sea world. we fed dolphins, touched sting rays, and mom cried during the whale show. just a day like any other. now its time to hear about the christmas break outing that may have just changed my life. drum roll please… i saw les miserables! twice! oh goodness did i love that movie. it is now my new absolute favorite movie. I cried (read: sobbed uncontrollably) throughout the entire thing. if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this blog post and run to a theater this second. preferably at a cinepolis theater . i have never felt so luxurious in my life. I have also never felt so guilty for eating a gourmet quesadilla in a reclining leather chair as fantine’s dreams are torn away from her. so maybe don’t see les mis in that theater, but it’s an excellent choice for any other movie. well that’s my break for ya. i’m sure you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed having it.