study abroad

ben london eye

this time tomorrow i will be in london for study abroad. LONDON. i get to live there for seven entire weeks. so i’ll probably come back with an accent right? a girl can dream. i’ve honestly been imagining going on this study abroad for years, and i can’t believe it’s actually happening. i’ve been over the top obsessed (or as my mom kindly puts it “had a kinship with”) england for as long as i can remember. i thought my trip there last year would satisfy all my british-type cravings and i could get over it. but no. instead i am now head over heels in love with all things british (london, tea, the royal family, you name it.)

telephone eiffel

not only do i get to live in london for a month, but i get to travel all around the u.k. and stay in paris for five days. hence the picture of the eiffel tower. (i know it’s not in london mom)  i don’t want to forget any part of this experience so i am going to blog, blog, blog about it. expect lots of pictures and london themed rants. this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i can’t believe how lucky i am to be able to do this. shout out to my mom and dad for helping me (a lot) to fund this. although i am going to pay them back over the summer, i still couldn’t have gone without the help. and extra love to my mom for spending hours of time helping me pack and plan and shop to get ready to leave. i have the best parents in the world.

london, here i come!


national sibling day


so it’s national sibling day and despite the cliche-ness of this post, i just wanted to say how grateful i am for these little nuggets. my sibs and i are really close to each other, and despite the occasional spat here and there (who am i kidding, we never fight) we get along like peas in a pod. they’re some of my absolute best friends and we all have so much fun together.



also known as pie, em is as sweet as her nickname. she is always so thoughtful and generous and willing to lend a hand to someone in need. she is a hard worker and fiercely dedicated. she is a great listener when i need to talk and a great talker when i want to listen. she’s also strangely obsessed with babies? it’s great to have a sister so close to me in age. it’s like having a best friend by my side for eternity. everything is more fun when we’re together…disneyland trips, grocery store runs, even loading the dishwasher (maybe not that last one). point is, pie i love you and couldn’t ask for a better sister or friend.



this boy has caused me quite a few laughs and quite a few moments of embarrassment in my time. and weirdly enough i love that about him. as long as that embarrassing me phase stays in the past of course. he also is a real bright kid. i get so excited when he’s reading a book I recommended to him and we talk for hours about it. i love his thirst for knowledge and his desire to improve himself. he’s always telling me how he hates short books because he feels “cheated.” love that. nate is also about 8 feet taller than me, but he’ll always be my little brother. nate-potate, thanks for being a great brother. for making me laugh. for reading with me. for always talking with me about nerd stuff. for being awesome. i love you!



this kid is the sweetest boy you will ever meet in your life. he always knows just what to do to brighten my day and put a smile on my face. or make me cry from missing him so darn much. he is always so genuine and considerate of other people. i can’t believe that one person could be so concerned for other people’s welfare. he’s a real charmer, so when he’s older the ladies better watch out. he’s also insanely creative. always drawing and writing and singing. he’s the only sibling that i distinctly remember when he was a baby, and it’s crazy how fast he’s growing up. lukey, you always can make me smile. you are so talented and so kind. when i grow up, I want to be more like you. love you lots!

p.s. thanks to mom and dad for providing me with these amazing siblings. you guys are pretty cool too.

thanks, brian


there was this book my parents would read to me when i was a kid called “because brian hugged his mother.” hey maybe you did too, but assuming you didn’t i’ll give you a quick summary. it starts out with brian…you guessed it…hugging his mother. it seems like such a little thing, but it makes his mother feel like doing something nice for someone, and that person does something nice because of that and so on and so forth. it’s a literary masterpiece, trust me.

but anyways, i saw a brian today. not literally, although i guess his name could’ve been brian? you know what he looked like a brian. okay okay back to the story. i was walking through a building on campus and i saw this cute-as-heck-look-at-his-white-overalls elderly man painting (staining? varnishing?) that wood there. as i was appreciating his overwhelming old man cuteness, “brian” walked by. but rather than admire the man from afar (which sounds creepy now that i’m writing it out. it wasn’t.) he walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. brian said “hey, it looks really good!” gave him a thumbs up and a wink (not really) and walked away like he hadn’t just melted my heart. the man had the biggest grin on his face as he continued working. thank you brian for reminding me how satisfying it is to make other people happy, you’re a champ.

3100 stover

yesterday, i was walking up the many flights of stairs to the third floor with my laundry (i did my laundry?) and sore legs from the gym (i went to the gym?) i thought to myself, why oh why don’t i live on the first floor? the more i thought about it though, the more i realized how darn lucky i am. do you see those babes in that picture up there? those wonderful girls are my neighbors! i see those smiling faces every single day! (including mads, who is busy having a blast in Vegas. gosh i miss her!) my day to day life is is 100% more fun with these ladies. i couldn’t live without our massive amounts of hot cocoa, quizzes, late night chats, dinner dates, netflix watching, lack of pants, and so much more.


i can’t possible have a hall appreciation post without giving roommate kate a shout-out. guys, 3121 is a blast just because of this girl. she is hilarious, sometimes on accident. she has a deep understanding of my hatred of wearing pants in our room, and she joins in the fun. we have both accepted that our beds will forever have crumbs in them from our snacking. she is also unfairly gorgeous, talented, and gives great advice. i scored big time having her as a roommate. and i can’t forget to mention my temporary roommate for the weekend, elise!!! it was so fun having her visit from berkeley! we cuddled in my minuscule bed every night and caught up with everything that’s happened with us since high school. she is my soul mate when it comes to books and herbal tea, and i’ve missed her terribly. i wish she could just be my second roommate for the rest of the year, but berkeley stole her back from me yesterday. sadness. thanks to her and all my ladies for being such awesome friends. i love you all!


the baker fam bam (including myself) is doing a gratitude journal for thirty days leading up to thanksgiving. each day there is a quote and a writing prompt to focus on. i decided to post some of my thoughts on here from the days that aren’t too personal. today’s prompt says to think of someone i know who focuses on the positive. immediately I thought of one of my absolute best friends, kelsey.

this beautiful young lady is one of the most positive people that i know. she has a constant, contagious smile on her face. she is a superstar when it comes to choosing to be happy, even when she’s going through something difficult. it took me years of being close to kelsey to finally figure out how to tell when something is wrong because unlike myself, she doesn’t vent about every single little problem. she chooses to think and talk about the good things.

sometimes it’s hard for me to believe, but kelsey is not 100% perfect. she’s close though. like anybody, she talks about her problems sometimes. the thing that makes kelsey different is that she doesn’t let them consume her. she doesn’t pout around waiting for someone to ask her what’s wrong. she manages to make problems seem light. when i talk to her about “hard” situations in my laugh, i usually end up laughing about them in the end.


i positively love spending time with kels because i know that she is a guaranteed happiness booster. not once have i driven home from her house feeling worse than when i went there. now that is an awesome friend. i’m so lucky to have this girl as my friend, and even though i am freezing my butt off in p-town and she is still in california, i know she is always here for me to brighten my day. when i grow up i want to be just like kelsey harrison.