christmas break (part one)




i apologize for my absence to all my avid readers (that’s you kelsey). but i’m back with tales of christmas break! let us begin…

you see that hipster man up there? that is big baker (a.k.a dad) complete with fake bangs. yes, i own fake bangs. a girl’s gotta look good. speaking of looking good, do you see my sibs? they are all pretty much models. us bakers are just irresistibly good looking. it’s a curse. speaking of a curse. my whole fam bam has been cursed with a recent obsession with cats. especially these little cuties. i am officially destined to be a crazy cat lady and the proud owner of that delightfully heinous teapot that i discovered at a local antique shop. speaking of antique shop… fine i’ll stop that. anyways, i got good use out of my disneyland pass for the last couple times for who knows how long. tears. i went with the lovely kelsey and laura and had a blast. if you ever want to hear walt disney’s opening speech or hear some fun facts about the castle we’re the gals to ask. some talkative employee’s gave us a quick disneyland history lesson and we are pros now. i went later in the week with mama and luke which was a blast. we decorated cookies (each cookie was a low price of six dollars! gotta love amusement park prices). i also had the pleasure of taking a picture with the country bears. one of them literally had his hand (paw?) in my armpit and is tickling me. creepy? yes. i am not exaggerating in the least when i say that i am colder here in “sunny” california than I ever have been in p-town. you can see mother dearest trying to warm herself up with my scarf. supposedly an efficient technique? i have been exercising my “home from college” sunday perks by joining my mom in nursery (dad joined in too) instead of going to sunday school/relief society. best choice i ever made. snack time, toys, and a bubble machine. those kids have it made. look forward to christmas break part two in the near future. try not to die of the suspense.



In typical senior fashion, I didn’t attend school on Wednesday… or Thursday… or Friday. Instead I enjoyed a particularly lovely 5-day weekend starting with a trip to the happiest place on earth on Wednesday. This lovely lady, a.k.a Kelly whom I love, and I sported typical tourist wear and had a day full of VIP treatment, the best corn dogs in the world, rides, girl talk, lots of Grizzly Rapids, and general tomfoolery.