that time that kelsey came to p-town


i’m back for what’s becoming my monthly blog post. even though this post is wildly delayed. as you can see in the picture above… kelsey harrison came to p-town! (foreva ago, but it cant be ignored) i miss this girl literally every day. we have an abnormal amount of fun together, and i couldn’t ask for a better best friend (or solitary blog reader). but for about five days it was just like old times! except we weren’t in her room eating ben and jerry’s or studying art history. or eating ben and jerry’s. after a heartwarming reunion at the airport we headed straight for temple square and witnessed at least 16 weddings. all of which featured brides who were probably 12 years old. we didn’t want to feel left out though so we took the classic wedding photo in front of the temple. we’d make a cute couple no?



temple square was followed by a trip to city creek. which may have included us giggling like schoolgirls in the disney store and being the only people there taller than four feet. we’re extremely mature. but the fun didn’t stop there! how could it when kelsey and megs are together. (i think we need a couple name. kegs? melsey? i’ll work on it.) the rest of the day included lots of confusion with the train, strange men yelling at us while eating pizza, quite possibly witnessing a drug deal, and getting stranded at a sketchy (yet delicious) mexican restaurant. overall a successful day.


i’m not going to give details for every single day that kels was here. mostly because she’s probably the only one reading this, and she was there so… but suffice it to say that the five days that she was here were some of the best ones of my college experience. if i didn’t want to go to college with kelsey before (which i did) i definitely want to now. she’s the best.


welcome to the west egg

“…And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”



friday night i attended a great gatsby themed party, 1920’s attire required. it was the cat’s pajamas! everybody looked great. the girls were gorgeous and the boys… let’s just say they should wear 20’s style outfits every day. really. this party was the real deal though. everyone had dates, there was dancing, mocktails, food, everything. if they had the same party again in a week, i’d be there. (with more comfortable shoes and an empty stomach)



honestly though, half the fun of the night was getting ready. i don’t consider myself a girly-girl necessarily, but i love getting all dressed up. plus a twenties theme? yes please. and i hit the jackpot, i didn’t just get myself ready. there’s no challenge in that. no, i did five (FIVE) girls hair and makeup. it was a blast. even when we were running low on time or bobby pins I was having a grand time playing the frazzled hair/makeup artist. and i discovered a hidden talent for doing hair. so if you have any red carpet events or galas to attend, call me up. maybe I’ll give you a discount for reading my blog? i know that you’re very jealous of my party experience right about now, but do not fear! if you want to feel like you were there just watch this (a.k.a the best trailer ever made). YOU AND ME, ME AND YOU!

thanks, brian


there was this book my parents would read to me when i was a kid called “because brian hugged his mother.” hey maybe you did too, but assuming you didn’t i’ll give you a quick summary. it starts out with brian…you guessed it…hugging his mother. it seems like such a little thing, but it makes his mother feel like doing something nice for someone, and that person does something nice because of that and so on and so forth. it’s a literary masterpiece, trust me.

but anyways, i saw a brian today. not literally, although i guess his name could’ve been brian? you know what he looked like a brian. okay okay back to the story. i was walking through a building on campus and i saw this cute-as-heck-look-at-his-white-overalls elderly man painting (staining? varnishing?) that wood there. as i was appreciating his overwhelming old man cuteness, “brian” walked by. but rather than admire the man from afar (which sounds creepy now that i’m writing it out. it wasn’t.) he walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. brian said “hey, it looks really good!” gave him a thumbs up and a wink (not really) and walked away like he hadn’t just melted my heart. the man had the biggest grin on his face as he continued working. thank you brian for reminding me how satisfying it is to make other people happy, you’re a champ.