my new art crush

i found out today that the museum of art at good ol’ byu had a new exhibit by edward burtynsky, photographer extraordinaire. so after i finished class for the day i went and checked it out. and lemme tell ya i have a massive art crush on this eddie b. guy.


i had the whole exhibit to myself for about 40 minutes, which was a dream. i could take my time at each piece without worrying about boring the person i was with. (like when i spent six hours in the louvre with momma. oops!) this also allowed me to take a ridiculous amount of selfies without the judgement of others. one of the more successful shots is featured below.


all of burtynsky’s pieces are centered around urban and industrial themes, but every single photo is gorgeous. i can’t exactly pinpoint what makes them so breathtaking, but there were a few “gasp-aloud-stop-and-stare” moments when i was looking at them. this guy is so good that anthony doerr wrote a short story called village 113 inspired by burtynsky’s photographs of the three gorges dam. the short story is a piece of art in itself as well. highly recommended.


if you go to byu or live in the p-town area or are itching to come to utah (where it is snowing. in april. don’t know how i feel about that)… where was i? oh ya if you’re in the area, go check out burtynsky’s stuff. for those of you who can’t witness the pieces in real life here are a couple of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.


images taken from burtynsky’s website. check it out, and try not to start crushing on him too.