across the pond


it’s official. i’m actually in london. waking up and looking out the window to see beautiful victorian townhouses felt so surreal. it was quite an adventure to get to the centre though. we had to wait for a few girls to meet up with us in the airport so even though some of the girls landed at 11 and i landed at 11:30, we didn’t leave the airport until 1:45. then you can imagine 6 girls with massive suitcases trying to navigate the tube. adventure. it actually went pretty smoothly until we took one wrong train. one tiny mistake and we’re stuck climbing up and down flight after flight of stairs. i’m sore already and it’s only day two of my trip. after we made it off of the tube we walked for oh i don’t know about 2 miles away from the center instead of towards it. with the giant suitcases. but after lots of walking. WE MADE IT. this is us with pure joy on our faces from actually arriving. alright i’ve got to wrap up this post because i’m off to explore the city! i can’t believe this is my life.


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