tweed with envy

today in london is the fifth annual tweed run. what is a “tweed run” you ask?


this is a tweed run. a bunch of people, british people, get all dressed up in old fashioned tweed ensembles and bike around london. don’t they just look spiffing? pip pip cheerio and all that.


really though. does this look like an absolute blast to anybody but me? or is my british obsessed side taking over? (as i sit hear watching the royal wedding on dvd and drinking cup after cup of herbal tea) so maybe i have a slight problem. but come on people, it’s british people and tweed! practically heaven on earth.


if you’re not convinced yet just look at the pictures above. tweed street style at its finest. practical for bike riding, yet oh so chic. and hello nicely dressed british men. enough said there.


and there’s me. taking yet another selfie in my almost-but-not-quite tweed outfit. pretending that i’m about to ride a bike through london instead of write a paper and study for finals. life’s hard. on the plus side, i’m already in the planning process for the 2014 p-town tweed run. who’s with me?


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