let it snow, let it snow










it feels like just a few days ago that the sun was shining down on p-town…oh wait it was a few days ago. winter has officially arrived, and i feel like i’m on a different planet. this cold, white stuff keeps falling from the sky. supposedly it’s called snow? and i’m gonna hate it in a few months? i know that the utah natives who tell me that snow is the worst know better than me (the girl who has been in the snow one time that i remember), but i honestly can’t imagine something so dang pretty. plus, snow means scarves, hats, tights, boots, and sweaters. and those things equal a very happy megan.

the only thing that i can see making me hate the snow is the sad, sad state of my toes. i braved the football game last night (for a whole half a quarter! can i get some applause?), and by the time we left i was convinced my toes needed to be amputated. my two layers of fuzzy socks failed me. maybe i’m masochistic because despite the fact that i froze my california butt off i had a blast at the game. it was fun to be all bundled up with cute little snowflakes falling on us. you can quote me on that a few months from now when i’m pining after the sunshine back home.

and on a completely unrelated note, byu men’s chorus… you kicked butt last night! i highly recommend going to one of their concerts if you can. so good!


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