3100 stover

yesterday, i was walking up the many flights of stairs to the third floor with my laundry (i did my laundry?) and sore legs from the gym (i went to the gym?) i thought to myself, why oh why don’t i live on the first floor? the more i thought about it though, the more i realized how darn lucky i am. do you see those babes in that picture up there? those wonderful girls are my neighbors! i see those smiling faces every single day! (including mads, who is busy having a blast in Vegas. gosh i miss her!) my day to day life is is 100% more fun with these ladies. i couldn’t live without our massive amounts of hot cocoa, seventeen.com quizzes, late night chats, dinner dates, netflix watching, lack of pants, and so much more.


i can’t possible have a hall appreciation post without giving roommate kate a shout-out. guys, 3121 is a blast just because of this girl. she is hilarious, sometimes on accident. she has a deep understanding of my hatred of wearing pants in our room, and she joins in the fun. we have both accepted that our beds will forever have crumbs in them from our snacking. she is also unfairly gorgeous, talented, and gives great advice. i scored big time having her as a roommate. and i can’t forget to mention my temporary roommate for the weekend, elise!!! it was so fun having her visit from berkeley! we cuddled in my minuscule bed every night and caught up with everything that’s happened with us since high school. she is my soul mate when it comes to books and herbal tea, and i’ve missed her terribly. i wish she could just be my second roommate for the rest of the year, but berkeley stole her back from me yesterday. sadness. thanks to her and all my ladies for being such awesome friends. i love you all!


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