the baker fam bam (including myself) is doing a gratitude journal for thirty days leading up to thanksgiving. each day there is a quote and a writing prompt to focus on. i decided to post some of my thoughts on here from the days that aren’t too personal. today’s prompt says to think of someone i know who focuses on the positive. immediately I thought of one of my absolute best friends, kelsey.

this beautiful young lady is one of the most positive people that i know. she has a constant, contagious smile on her face. she is a superstar when it comes to choosing to be happy, even when she’s going through something difficult. it took me years of being close to kelsey to finally figure out how to tell when something is wrong because unlike myself, she doesn’t vent about every single little problem. she chooses to think and talk about the good things.

sometimes it’s hard for me to believe, but kelsey is not 100% perfect. she’s close though. like anybody, she talks about her problems sometimes. the thing that makes kelsey different is that she doesn’t let them consume her. she doesn’t pout around waiting for someone to ask her what’s wrong. she manages to make problems seem light. when i talk to her about “hard” situations in my laugh, i usually end up laughing about them in the end.


i positively love spending time with kels because i know that she is a guaranteed happiness booster. not once have i driven home from her house feeling worse than when i went there. now that is an awesome friend. i’m so lucky to have this girl as my friend, and even though i am freezing my butt off in p-town and she is still in california, i know she is always here for me to brighten my day. when i grow up i want to be just like kelsey harrison.


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