date night


on tuesday night approximately 30 college students packed themselves into cars like sardines and set off for the group date of the century. the idea was so simple. unlimited laser tag, arcade games, and ice cream. that’s cliched you say? well you’re right. that oh-so typical date plan lives on for a reason though. it’s oodles of fun! the only downfall of the night was that my dreams of pursuing professional laser tag were crushed. the first round was rough. i cowered behind a wall, genuine fear coursing through my veins. apparently i had forgotten the whole fake guns concept. after the game i eagerly scanned the scoreboard. my heart dropped. last place. how did that happen? my natural athletic ability (ha!) should have put me in first. with newfound determination, i re-entered the arena and confidently strapped on my vest. when the chaos began my adrenaline started pumping. i dashed through the room, ducking behind walls, peeking through windows, and destroying the enemy. this time when the round ended, i knew that i had claimed my rightful place at the top. I was wrong. at the end of the night after many rounds, and many times in last place, i reluctantly gave up my laser tag aspirations. i’m sorry that you guys won’t be able to see me in any future laser tag tournaments.


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