just call me david tutera


Last night Stover Hall basement saw the surprise party to beat all surprise parties. Well, maybe not. It was really fun though, and it was a surprise. So mission accomplished right? Here’s the thing about planning parties…It’s hard! I have never felt such a mixture of stress, excitement, and franticness (it’s a word?). Props to my momma for all the parties she has ever planned. Despite the anxiety that accompanied it, I almost enjoyed putting that little fiesta together. I think it came from all those years of watching David Tutera party planning shows with my mom. I felt professional as I told people to “Tape that large plastic sign over that ugly brick wall” or to “Help me frost the cake with a spoon since we don’t have a knife.” Except in my head, it was a lot classier and I had a clipboard and an earpiece.


My question is: Does every party planning experience have as many problems as I encountered or was that just extra special for me? Let’s do a quick run-through. The first obstacle was Kate. She was in our room (how dare she think sitting in her own bedroom is okay, right?). Because she was there though, I kept having to make up excuses for why I was carrying normal things like iPod speakers and a plate out of the room. The second obstacle was Kate’s popularity. I found out, mere hours before the party that she was supposed to be hanging out with a friend that night. At the same time as the party. Gasp! With all the sneakiness I could muster, I stole Kate’s phone and quickly jotted down said friend’s phone number. After one strikeout (“I think you got the wrong number sweetheart.”) I managed to persuade the friend to postpone their evenings plans and join us at the fiesta. The final obstacle was… the cake. Let’s just say my last name is not a reflection on my actual skills in the kitchen. We had no cake pans, no mixing bowl, no whisk, and no measuring cups. We ended up with 1 cake pan, an old pot, a cereal spoon, and my best guesses on how much of what should go in. Surprisingly, the cake turned out delicious. It’s like a metaphor for the fiesta as a whole. It was hard getting it all together but it turned out…delicious? Never mind that.


Honestly though, if you ever need a pick-me-up, throw a surprise party! It was so fun seeing Kate’s reaction and hanging with friends. Plus we all got lots of cake and candy. Yum.



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