arkells + lydia + the maine = good times


On Saturday I went to see The Maine, Lydia, and Arkells at the House of Blues. The concert was AMAZING. All the bands were ridiculously good. The only downside was that there was some boy next to/behind me who pulled my hair, pinched, and kicked me the entire night. Oh and don’t forget, he cussed me out too! Such a gentleman. Throughout the night my three gal pals and I kept running into people we “knew.” The first one was a counselor who worked at the camp we went to for Girl’s Camp last year. Once we reminded him who we were he exclaimed, “Were you guys Mormon Week? The was the best *beep*ing week! Holy *beep*!” Soon after running into potty mouth, I spotted Lex and Loren of cute engagement video fame, and promptly began to fangirl squeal. I ran up to them and blurted out that I, well we, loved their engagement video and can we take a picture? They looked flattered, confused, and kind of creeped out all at once, but they took a picture with us. Eep! Last, and most definitely not least we saw Halvo from a Rocket to the Moon!!! I might love him. We stopped him to take a picture and guess who was hanging out with him and offered to take the picture? Lex and Loren! Small world right? Fun, fun, fun times.

p.s. John O. is rather good looking.


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