I had a FANTASTIC Memorial Day weekend! On Friday, I stuffed my face at Harbor House and did my social norms project for psych (expect to see that video real soon). On Saturday my cousin Donevan got married in the San Diego Temple and the fam bam and I went to his reception that night. The reception was gorgeous and Amanda and Donevan looked sooo happy! Donevan’s best friend Jeff and his fiance, Brooke, were at the reception too. This is important because I might kind of stalk Brooke’s blog religiously. A little. I was just minding my own business at the reception, chatting away blissfully with friends when who should walk up? My dad. With Jeff. And Brooke. Brooke! Walking towards me! Ah! My dad had this big grin on his face because he was getting pure enjoyment out of humiliating me. Cool dad, cool. My dad had told Brooke that I am obsessed with her blog. Even though she was probably super creeped out, she was nice. Bless her heart. That was a super awkward/awesome moment in my life. Sunday was my birthday! Guys, I’m legal. It was a fantastic day, and I got a fancy new camera. Now I can post fancy new pics on here! I can’t believe that I’m an “adult.” Gross. On Memorial Day my extended family went and visited my grandpa’s grave. It was awesome hearing stories about him from my aunts and uncles since he passed away when I was only two. I love you grandpa! After that, I hit up the aquarium with Austin and Parker-boy. Who knew fish could be so cool? But, seriously. Hope you  had a lovely Memorial Weekend! :)


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